Getting to Know the Wilsons

Paul and Laura have been married for 10 years. We love Jesus, have been changed by the Gospel, and want others to know just how real the truth of the Gospel is. We love drinking coffee. We recently switched to half caff coffee. It's really just an excuse to drink double the coffee. We love playing with our three boys. Playing at the park, reading together and silly imaginative games (Paul!) take up a lot of our days in this stage. We met and married in Pittsburgh.  We love all things Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh sports. Our dog is named Tomlin, not after the Christian artist or the comedian, but the Steelers' coach. Obviously. 

Our journey to pursue adoption came in a very painful season of secondary infertility. We grieved the loss that infertility  brings. That sadness and season of loss was hard and felt very dark at times. Adoption wasn't a backup plan for our infertility. It is an altogether different and beautiful thing. It was, however, what God used to soften Laura's heart and grow Paul's openness to adoption to deeper desire. During our season of unfulfilled desires and hopes, we cried many tears, processed our anger and disappointment, and ran hard and held fast to the truth of the Gospel and the promises of our identity in Christ, and our secured future. 

We finally made our way to China to meet our precious little boy, Kai. It was a life changing trip in many ways. We met other incredible families, experienced an amazing culture, and were humbled as we saw the Gospel played out right in front of us. We knew we would adopt again. We expected that we would return to China. But through the best and most interrupting miracle, our baby boy Charlie, God altered our path for our second adoption. And that's where we are picking up. That's the part of our story you're joining us on now. Can we just say, we are so glad you are here. The community that joined us on our first adoption spurred us on in times of encouragement, met financial needs and covered us with prayers. Our adoption journey was not just about our family, but our community, friends and family as well. We hope you find encouragement here and join us in this journey as we live out the Gospel in this way. 


Paul loves pastoring. He loves people and God's Word. He enjoys reading, coffee, Pittsburgh Steelers and being silly with his three little boys. He has always had a heart for adoption. He just had to wait for God to open Laura's heart.


Laura is a stay at home mom, previous social worker/counselor and hobby photographer. She loves coffee, reading, writing, photography and shamefully, a little reality TV. She loves all things Pittsburgh, all things sports and adores three little boys. While it took her longer to get on board, her heart now beats for adoption. 


Asher is one of the sweetest and most imaginative kindergarteners around. If you're wondering what Paul was like at six, look no further! He was an only child for almost 4 years and in less than 2 years, he is all of a sudden an older brother to two! He's an incredible biggest brother. He loves to read,  play with action figures, and run around. He loves school, especially reading. He loves Count from Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, and super heroes. He is thrilled for another adopted sibling and thanks to his favorite book, "Last Stop on Market Street," he is calling our new little one CJ these days! 


Kai is one of our sweetest miracles. He became ours on May 16, 2016. We had no idea just how great a miracle we received that day. He is the most loving and kind little boy. He has a heart for people on the outside. He is Asher's best friend. He has the best sense of humor. He is silly and full of joy. He loves pandas, all things China, games and puzzles. He was born to be a brother! He's a tremendous little brother and the most precious big brother. He loves to watch Little Einstein and Super Wings, both shows that visit different cultures and countries. He's incredible. Just to be a little different, he's calling our new little one, PJ. But you will most often hear him talking about our "India friend."  Watch our video of meeting Kai here


Charlie is the miracle we did not think would ever come. We were told that it was a miracle we had Asher and we would never have another biological child again. Half way through our process to adopt again, a positive pregnancy test rocked our world. He is so full of joy. He tries to keep up with his brothers. He smiles all the time, loves to laugh and loves to get attention. Luckily, with two adoring brothers, he basically always has an audience! He could eat all day and give him a cup of milk and you'll have a friend for life. He loves to read books (really, just turn pages), play with balls, shut doors and empty baskets. He loves Elmo and Daniel Tiger.