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Buy Some Jewelry + Change Lives

We were recently given an incredible opportunity! Thanks to generous friends and family, we were given the opportunity to sell fair trade, handmade jewelry and accessories to fund the adoption. Basically, at no cost to us, I am now an ambassador for Noonday Collection! This means that you can buy beautiful pieces throughout the adoption and at least 25% of your purchase will go directly to our adoption. This is so far outside of my comfort zone, like miles away!  But I know that God will use this to provide for us and He's always in the business of changing me in the process! Here's how you can join me!

1. Purchase Jewelry.


Visit my site,


Any purchase that you make through that link will give at least 25% of your purchase right back to our adoption! Depending on different specials and possible matching grants, this percentage could be increased from time to time. 

Purchase for yourself or family or friends. There really are amazing products available. Each product is handmade by someone in a place of extreme vulnerability and poverty. Your purchase is helping fight poverty, empower women and value children around the world. 

2. Create a Marketplace for Your Friends

Trunk shows are basically a marketplace for your friends and family to be able to see the products handcrafted by these artisans, hear their stories and learn more about the impact that's happening. If you have friends who would love this stuff, I would be thrilled to help create that marketplace, either online or in person. You can earn products and get discounts while you're at it! Again, all while funding our adoption and making a big impact!

3. Spread the Word.

Tell people where you got your accessories. Share the mission and vision of Noonday Collection. If you think someone would love this, please, please share!

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