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Join Us.

As we embark on this journey of adoption, we are very aware of our needs. We know this journey will hold many unique challenges. Three needs we have right now are for prayer support, community support and financial support. If the Lord is able to change my heart towards adoption, I am confident that He will provide prayer support and community while meeting every financial need we have. We are excited to share with you ways in which you can partner with us.  

  • Pray for our new son or daughter. It is likely that although we have not been matched, this little one is living in an orphanage. 

  • Pray for the emotional, physical and spiritual health and protection of this little one. 

  • Pray that this child would attach to his or her caregivers. The greatest indicator of future attachment is past attachment. Pray for strong bonds and care in this child's life. 

  • Pray for wisdom for us as we consider all of the special, medical needs. 

  • Pray for clarity and unity as we make decisions on referrals.

  • Pray for wisdom for our adoption agency as they consider the children available for adoption to present a match to us. 

  • Pray for us as we wait, that we would enjoy our boys and prepare them for the changes ahead.

  • Pray for Kai as he processes his own adoption through this newest journey.

  • Pray that God would be glorified in all that happens in this journey


​God created us to be in community-- with God and with each other. We were reminded of the greatness of this need during our last process. Much has changed since our last adoption, but our need for community has not changed. 


We need people in our lives who ask how we're doing or pray with us, laugh and cry with us, and remind us of who God is. We trust the Lord will answer this prayer during this journey, just as he did with the last.  As we continue to walk on this path of infertility and adoption, we need community.

We covet your prayers and your friendship in the months ahead. 


We did not start this process again because we have all that we need. We started this process again because we trust that God will provide all that we need. We trust that God will meet our willingness with His provision. This means our own saving and financial sacrifice, but we also have needs that we can't meet on our own.


The cost of one international adoption is around $40,000. This number is overwhelming to dwell on, but we are confident that God will meet every financial need in His timing. For more information on the adoption process and fees involved, click here.

We will be applying for grants with the same intensity as we did before, when we are able. All of Laura's photography will be donated to adoption expenses. We will have more information on fund raising as it becomes available!

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