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This morning, we sang 10,000 reasons at church. This is the song we used in Kai’s adoption video. He calls it his China song and wants to listen to it all the time. 

Every line of this song takes me back to his orphanage, this precious, hopeless orphan, broken, sad and afraid. Crying with deep terror and sorrow. Kai’s life is an incredibly deep picture of God’s goodness and kindness. I chose this song because adoption is hard and it was deeply terrifying and painful for Kai, but it has brought incredibly deep beauty and joy. Even in the hard things, there are innumerable things to praise God for. Some days, I’m tempted to despair in my sin or my suffering. I’m tempted to think nothing is going well and I’m just not good enough.

Then a simple song reminds me that God is incredibly good. Always good. He is incredibly kind. He loves you. He is near to you. In your terror and in your fear. In your sorrow and in your hurt. He is near. He is worthy of your trust. He is worthy of your praise. You will never exhaust things to praise Him for. Look up, friends. Look up from your sin, look away from your sorrow and see how beautiful and good our God is. Just preaching the Gospel to myself. Psalm 103 

Let me be singing when the evening comes. 


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