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10,000 Reasons

Because we used this song in Kai’s adoption video (the one I shared yesterday), it always brings me to tears. To be honest, I hope it never stops. 10,000 reasons talks about the uncountable reasons we have to praise God. In the good times, the hard times, the joy, the sorrow, the sunshine and the rain. In death and in new life, in bright tomorrows and dark ones, with our last breath and every breath that precedes it, we have reason to trust God and worship His name.⁣

I can picture line for line, the images of Kai and his foster mom and us. I can hear him wailing with fear and grief as the lyrics declare the reasons God is good. I can still feel the warm tears on his cheeks as the lyrics remind us that even in our darkest days, there are still 10,000 reasons for my heart to find to trust in Jesus and worship Him. ⁣

Today holds new trials, fears, unknowns, heartache, grief than it did six years ago. And yet my faith stands firmly planted in the same God who comforted Kai, collected His tears and drew us near on that day. It only stands firm because God’s goodness sustains me. Our sorrows and fears may look different, but our God, He remains the same. ⁣

Even on our hardest days on earth, as our end draws near, God will be the same God who carried us before. He will carry us safely to Himself.⁣

Embrace suffering. Bring your tears and aches and fears to Jesus. I think that is where we find even more reasons to trust Him. As we embrace the brokenness and darkness and death of this world, we grow a greater longing for Heaven when darkness will be no more, the sun will not be necessary, death will no longer reign. When we enter that glory, we will have 10,000 years plus forever to sing His praises and worship Him for all of who He is.⁣

If life feels hopeless and sad and broken today, there are still 10,000 reasons to bless His name. Look up #hopewins #tenthousandreasons


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