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10 Things I secretly Love (even if they drive me crazy) about Motherhood

1. The way they mispronounce words. Current favorites. “Mommy, can I have Hot Nocolate” or “Me not hulk. Me Narlie.” 2. Hearing mommy simultaneously from every child at the same time. It's a skill. 3. Never going to the bathroom alone. 4. Listening to baby shark or Disney or bounce patrol instead of my preferred music. Or are these becoming my preferred songs? 5. The way they fight over sitting next to me or wanting to be held. 6. Attempting to reason with toddlers who are distressed about things like wanting to touch the stove or because a sibling is touching them. 7. Knowing every name of every superhero, mighty pup and Disney character they love at the moment. Trying to remember which child is which character for that game or battle. It’s hard to keep track. 8. The constant and I mean constant talking, screaming, running, jumping, falling, dancing and general craziness. 9. Incessant request for snacks. 10. Stepping on legos and tripping over toys.

Life with littles is a season. It passes in the blink of an eye. One day the house will be clean and quiet, every trip to the bathroom will be alone, my music will only play and the kids will have others they want to share their stories and hearts with. So for now, I want to choose to savor the moments, embrace the mess. May I appreciate the Hulk figure and Mira doll that tripped me for the 10th time today and listen to the same questions about Disney movies that I don’t care about because it means that this precious season is still here. One day, sooner than I want, these things that drive me crazy will only be a memory. I bet when I look back, these memories will grow sweeter and sweeter. Be right back. I need to go cry and hug my kids! #rhythmwriting2021


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