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DTC. Dossier to China. The world of adoption is full of its own terms, systems, processes and acronyms. Six months ago, DTC meant nothing to us. When we received the email last week stating that we were DTC, we were overjoyed. This is a major step in the process!

So, what does this mean? It means that our dossier has been reviewed by our agency and translated. Our dossier is on its way to China. What is next? Once our dossier has been received, we will receive an LID (Log in date). The LID means that our dossier is ready to be reviewed in China. 

Please continue to pray for the quick processing of our dossier and that there would be no issues with our documentation! Pray that God would miraculously move things through quickly, enabling us to get Kai as soon as possible. 

After our dossier is processed and we have our offical Letter of Agreement, we will be able to send a care package to Kai. Asher is giving Kai's bear lots of hugs and kisses so he is ready to go!


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