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I have an idea. ⁣

Let’s do all of the things I couldn’t do for the last 3 months. ⁣

Jump. Run. Tackle. Rebound. Catch. ⁣

He said with the biggest smile I have seen in weeks. ⁣

That’s the perfect idea. ⁣

He has endured much, accepted things he wished wouldn’t happen and faced some of his biggest fears. ⁣

He has shown incredible bravery, beautiful adaptability and inspiring adaptability. ⁣

He was discharged from his surgeon’s care this week. We hope that this equipment lasts for his lifetime, but know that it may not and feel even more reassured knowing we have a team of amazing neurosurgeons and oncologists watching Kai and cheering him on. ⁣

Somehow, on the other side of this latest setback, this little one has emerged with even more confidence, courage and beauty. ⁣

I am so proud to be his mom. ⁣

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