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Thank you for your continued prayers. We are so appreciative of every prayer, encouragement, text, coffee drop off, meal and gift!

We’re slowly adjusting. Like real slow! Adjusting to the time change, jet lag. Adjusting to new and scary things like car seat, high chair, crib and bathtub. Adjusting to having a sister and being a sister. Adjusting to sharing mommy with a new, very needy and also very mobile sister. Adjusting to sharing attention and toys. Adjusting to being in a family. Adjusting to a whole house to explore rather than a room in a barren orphanage. Adjusting to new tastes, smells and sounds. Adjusting to three siblings rather than 20+ kids stuck in an empty room day after day. So much change.

So many emotions. The days and sleepless nights are long. Yet a lot of the growth and adjustment happens as the hours, days and weeks pass. The trust comes as we’re up with her through the night. The daughtership is learned as the same mommy and daddy consistently respond to her needs. The attachment grows as I wear her for hours helping her feel safe. The relationships blossom as they learn how to connect and love each other. This all requires time. There’s no shortcut. To her, our words mean very little, she needs to live it. She needs to experience love and safety and taste foreverness.

May God sustain us, with weeks and weeks of little sleep behind and before us. May God unite hearts, an impossible task. May God build and sustain this family for His glory and our good.


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