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We are quickly coming up on our one year anniversary as a family of 4! It's hard to believe that it's almost been one year. In many ways, it feels like it has gone by in a flash. With how well Kai has done, it's easy at times to not be mindful of all he has experienced in this short time. Yesterday, we went out to play at the park. I came downstairs wearing the green hoodie I wore the day we first met, but haven't worn much since. Of course, we have watched video and he has seen images from that day, but the first words out of his mouth were, "mommy's China shirt." We were amazed. We have no idea what he remembers about his life before us or what he really thinks of China, but he brings it up frequently. Over the last year, he has had periods of emotional ups and downs. Right now, he is going through a period of emotional struggle, increased sensitivity and frequent tears throughout the day. He has said to us both in tears, "please don't leave me." It's not uncommon for kids who experienced trauma, even at such a young age to experience emotional regression at different times, even around anniversaries. Would you please continue to pray for Kai? He has adjusted beautifully, yet his history and trauma forever remain part of his journey. Although almost a year is behind us, we are still in the beginning of his lifelong healing and growth. Please pray for Kai as he walks through this difficult season of insecurity, fear and emotional intensity. Also please pray for us that our hearts would be filled with compassion and that we would respond to him with great patience and love. It can be so trying at times. Please pray for him also as we welcome our new baby into the family and move forward with our second adoption, that he would continue to grow in his understanding and feelings of security and love in our family. Adoption is a journey that continues well after our kids are home with us. We are grateful for those of you who have been such a consistent part of our journey! If you have adoptive families in your community, continue to surround them with your love and prayers, even as their journeys move along.


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