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A New Name

There are more obstacles and darkness than we ever faced before in this adoption journey. We are taking steps of faith the only way we know how. With hope. We are praying for her with more fervor and desperation than ever before. We are talking about her. We are sharing her new name. We are creating things for her and filling her room. We are taking steps of faith. These steps are heavy and often covered with tears, but they are still steps.

Our sweet girl will be named Ella. I have always loved this name, my great-grandmother’s name, a name that celebrates generations of God’s faithfulness. But in these dark days, the meaning of her name fills my heart with so much hope. Ella means light. What a testimony of light she will bear.

Our hearts rightfully are burdened for her safety and protection, for our ability to care for her, and for the ever evolving needs and obstacles in our way. But we have greater reasons not to fear. The one her life and ours bears witness to, the Light of the world. He is near. He is good. He is faithful. He is full of compassion and mercy. He is present in this dark time. No amount of dark can overwhelm his light. The dark of night only lets the light shine brighter.


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