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A Strange Thank You

Thank you, orphanages, for helping me see the need. I’ll never, ever forget the faces of the children we saw. Their voices forever etched in my memory. Children with little hope, children who mostly would end their time in these places back out on the street or in worse places than they began. There’s nothing like seeing mold streaked buildings or seeing cribs lined up side by side by side by side, holding more than one baby, filling a whole room. Nothing prepares you to see how little they eat or drink. You can’t unsee the dirt, broken equipment and beggars all around. ⁣

But I need to say thank you. Thank you for displaying what is broken. No child should need to call a place like this home. No children should experience what these buildings represent. This world is broken. But we are not without hope. There is a redemptive plan already unfolding. ⁣

Thank you for displaying hopelessness and hope, death and life, fallenness and redemption. You changed my life by housing my babies. You changed my perspective on life with the realities of what happens within your walls. You deepen my understanding of broken, you shouldn’t need to exist. But you deepen my understanding of grace, because you won’t be needed for eternity. There’s a brighter day coming and my God, He is a Father to the fatherless. #hopewins #hopestillwins #rhythmwriting2021


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