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A Unexpected Summer Kickoff

The night of Kai’s graduation...

5:00 pm Paul “it’s pretty amazing that none of our kids have broken an arm or worn a cast yet.”

5:01 pm Laura “why would you ever say something like that?”

5:20 pm **Crash** 5:21 pm **Loud screaming**

Asher tripped over a suitcase I had just taken out of the closet for a trip I can no longer take, ironically. He was crying, yelling, turning pale and shivering. We tried to explain we needed to go to the doctor. He started crying more because he did not want to miss Kai’s graduation. Kai started sobbing because he is a sympathy cryer and he wanted Asher to be there. We eventually carried Asher to the car as he was crying for me to go with him, which caused Kai to cry again because, well, he’s a sympathy cryer. It was a memorable preschool graduation for sure. 🎓

Turns out Asher has a significant fracture of his right arm. Took him to CHOP today. Most surgeons would do surgery right away, but ours set it in place today and we will be doing weekly x-rays at CHOP to see if the bone has rotated out again. He may still require surgery. He’s in a full arm cast until further notice. 😭😣😑

He’s such a trooper and talk about exposing my pride and love of comfort and security. This wasn’t part of my summer plans. A couple fully paid nights away were just what I thought I needed. Dealing with another child’s medical bills on top of the $1500 hospital bill we just got for Charlie, not good timing. Another child more dependent on me, not the direction I was thinking. Oh right, this is not about me. Life is not about me or my summer goals or bucket lists, alone time or quietness, comfort or pleasure. None of these are bad things, but none of these things give life. Jesus gives life just as much in my excited moments as in my disappointments and sometimes these disappointments are the entryway to a little more of Him.

Asher’s got a bone that needs to heal and I have a heart that needs a lot. God seems to be working on both at once.

Also I don’t believe Paul’s comments in any way caused this. But also, don’t say stuff like that. 🤣


Edited to add: We have survived the summer cast and splint, with no surgery! In just a couple days, he will be considered completely healed. We're so incredibly grateful for our Children's Hospital and for all of the grace we were given in these small but sometimes hard moments!


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