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We’re asking for prayer again! We have another court hearing scheduled for tomorrow (tonight our time). Would you be willing to set that alarm again for 10:30 pm or just remember to pray when you go to bed? We’re asking again for a miracle, for our case to be heard and for verbal approval to be granted. We are asking the Lord to make a way for our daughter to come home this year. We are waiting on the Lord with eager desperation for him to act.

It’s hard to feel this kind of need, it’s hard to share not knowing how people may respond or even understand. When I don’t understand my heart myself, I tend to find more comfort in turning inward, turning away from others, sometimes even away from God. But I’m growing in my humble understanding of how God works in our time alone with Him and how God works through community and even through our needs.

His plans are higher than ours. We hope (there’s no word strong enough to convey this desire!) that we see the fruition of our plans to bring home our daughter, but scripture doesn’t promise it. Scripture does accurately describe the brokenness of this world and the nearness of Jesus in it all. Scripture does promise an eternity where where everything broken and sad will somehow hold even more joy for having been broken here. That’s hard to comprehend. It doesn’t lessen the ache of today, but it does deepen my hope for eternity and my desperate clinging to Jesus. Please join us in praying that we get a glimpse of eternity by being granted guardianship of our daughter. Pray also that we would treasure Jesus even more, grasp the deep care of Jesus for the oppressed and fatherless and feel the real comfort and nearness of our Savior. #hopewins #hopestillwins#ellawillcomehome


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