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Another Change

Here is the recap of our journey so far. 

I said, I could never endure infertility. Secondary infertility began. 

I said, I don't think I could ever adopt. God called us to adoption. 

I said, I just want to adopt from Africa. God has called us to adopt from China. 

We received a phone call from our adoption agency several weeks ago, encouraging us to consider changing from their South Africa Program to their China program. There has been an influx of orphans who need families. As we prayed, God made it clear that this was the path He was leading us down. We waded through days of disappointment, feelings of loss and coping with another change to our journey. After our decision, there were some changes with the minimum age openness for children in the South Africa program, confirming that this is best for our family at this point. We are thrilled that God continues to lead us in this process, even when it means change and disappointment.  As the reality of adopting from China settles in our heart, we are so thrilled. It is so humbling to see the ways God is confirming this call. More on this later! We are so thankful that our transition to the China program likely means a faster process, shorter travel, and community that comes from travel with other families from our adoption agency.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers throughout this entire transition! 


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