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Attachment + Grieving

There isn't a day that passes lately that I don't thank God for this precious woman. We had no idea Kai was loved so deeply. We actually didn't even know he had a foster mom. He would be in a classroom by day and with this family by night. She prepared him for the love of family. How she grieved when she said goodbye. Her selfless love was life giving to Kai. She attached and opened herself up to a broken heart to give Kai this incredible gift. His cries from day one were deep, full of tears and everything the experts describe as grief cry.

Ella has experienced the true orphanage life. No one to deeply attach to. Nothing to really grieve. Her caregivers, while many may have treated her well, were just helpers, she wasn't connected to them. Her cry is almost exactly what the experts describe as fearful cry. Her body stiffens, she flails her arms and legs. For as often as she cries, we have only seen 2 tears. How we wish she had something to grieve. How we wish we could help her in her fear. This is new territory for us. We pray for wisdom, read what we can and hunker down for the long haul.

Pray with us for God to work in her heart. May God perform a miracle only He can. Pray for us to have wisdom, patience and endurance. Pray that even in our sleeplessness, God would sustain us. We know He is trustworthy. Even in the extra hardness of this, we are confident hope still wins because God is good and faithful forever and ever and ever.


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