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Be Changed

I have heard it said that adoption is not happily ever after, but a story of beauty from ashes.

Children belong in families. But this world is broken, parents die, parents cannot take care of children, parents hurt children, systems are broken and children suffer. The need feels and is overwhelming. ⁣

The family and love and lives our children gain do not outshine the family and lives that they lost. We don’t need to fear what loss they experience. We can embrace both what they lost and what they have today. ⁣

The beauty of the Gospel is that we can remember our pain, hurt, suffering, sin and sorrow in light of the healing and redemptive power of the Gospel today and our eternal hope. ⁣

God is near to the broken, protector for the vulnerable and father to the fatherless. Let us love like Jesus. Embrace these children, welcome the brokenness and usher light into their lives. Adopt, foster, pray, support financially, encourage, surround, support emotionally. Handle their stories and feelings with incredible tenderness, humility and care. Be part of bringing beauty from ashes. It will transform you too. #hopewins #hopestillwins


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