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Because I Know

“Because we know that you are god and you are good.” That lyric and truth has been on my wall for months. It’s on my wall because I need the reminder. I mean I know it, but I don’t always really know it, like the kind of knowing that changes how I live. The other morning, I almost stumbled over this, fallen, scrambled and scattered on the floor. It struck me, perhaps the image you see here is in some moments more the reality of what is in my heart. What I know and really believe about God (in other words, my theology) shapes how I live. If I more fully believed in God’s goodness and reign over my life and this world, perhaps I would live with more contentment and joy, maybe I would love others more selflessly, maybe I would worry less about tomorrow and see the blessings of today, maybe I would think less about my rights, comforts and desires and lay them down for those beside me. What I believe— really believe— shapes how I live. As I repent and long to believe more fully and more rightly, I am reminded of grace— that even when what I believe resembles this mess on the floor, I please God. Not because of my own righteousness but because of Jesus’ righteousness that now belongs to me. I’ll forever be growing in my understanding of who God is. May this ever shape my life, until one day, when my understanding of who He is will be perfect and unending because I will finally see Him with unveiled eyes. Until that day, He gives more grace.


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