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Big Brother Update

Most of Asher's prayers these days include a smattering of untinteligible words, prayers for grandparents,  Elmo and Daniel Tiger and end with a loud amen. But every prayer includes the phrase "Kai home." He asks about Kai and carries around his very own picture of Kai. If you ask him who his brother is, he will excitedly say Kai. If you ask him who lives in China, he will quickly say Big Bird (thanks to our DVD, Big Bird in China!) and Kai. Most days, we talk about what Kai might be doing. At meals, we dream about what kind of food Kai might like.  Of course, Asher seems to think Kai will like all of the same things he does!

It's hard to know how to prepare a three year old for a two year old brother. The idea of having a brother sounds great, but we expect that when Kai comes home, there will be some difficult days. Asher won't be easing into the world of siblings with a baby who gradually grows. Asher will have a toddler brother who walks, talks and plays. We have learned that for Asher it may feel overwhelming to have this toddler invading his space, taking his room, taking toys and demanding attention that used to all belong to Asher. Kai's emotional needs will be intense as he will be grieving and adjusting to an entirely new culture. As you pray for our family, would you please pray for Asher as he prepares for this big adjustment? He is an amazing little boy. He has a sweet and gentle spirit, but he is also very shy and sensitive to other's emotions and easily overwhelmed. 

Please continue to pray with us!

* Our dossier is in China. We have a log in date, which means it is in the process of translation and review right now. Chinese New Year is coming next week and offices will be closed. Please pray for miraculous timing with our dossier approval. 

* We continue to hope and pray for May travel. This would be helpful in many ways, but especially in giving our family time to adjust before Paul's new position starts in September. Please pray for this timing!

* Please pray for us as we emotionally prepare for Kai to be in our family. It is important for us to continue to spiritually and emotionally process our own response to the challenges of adoption and infertility. Pray for strength and connectedness for our family through all of the changes we are approaching! The last weeks have been particularly difficult emotionally.

* Please continue to pray for the emotional, spiritual and physical protection of Kai. Pray for protection and healing in his brain. Pray for protection for him in the orphanage. Pray that he would be quick to attach to us. 

* Please pray for Asher's heart to be prepared and that we would be able to provide the emotional support he needs as we balance Kai's needs!

* We praise God for the provision of our financial needs! We still have some financial needs. Please pray that God will continue to meet our every need. Information on how to partner with us financially can be found on the "Bring Kai Home" tab of our blog or you can donate to our matching grant by clicking the link at the top of the page.

We are so grateful for your continued support with us as we seek to live out the Gospel in caring for this orphan boy! How gracious God is to have adopted us as His children! 


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