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Birthday Day

Today’s the day! Ella is 2. While our hearts break that our family is not together, we cling to this Hope we have! We grieve with Hope, knowing that God loves Ella more than we can imagine, God is sovereign and good and He is near to us all. Even more, we have joy that our sorrow is so deep. Had our not not been transformed by the Gospel, our hearts so broken by the sorrow of this world, we may not even be on this journey. We have been given so much more than we deserve. Our hearts break because of the love we have for our daughter that all comes from the Love our savior has for us. That’s deep joy that cannot be overcome by any sorrow.

A dear friend made a suggestion this week that I loved. Maybe today, in honor of our girl, we can all spread a little Hope. Maybe a send an encouraging text, buy someone a coffee, give a socially distant smile or even buy a puzzle piece for Ella. Whatever you do, remember the reason for your Hope and pay it forward. Let’s remind the world today that hope still wins. 🌈 🧡💚


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