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brokenness + lament

Lament. Grieving with hope. Facing suffering with trust. Clinging to Truth in circumstances that may have you believe someone else is on the throne. Lament is the language we have to express the deep sorrows of this life. ⁣

When I notice the headlines around the world, I lament. The brokenness of the world grows more evident by the day. Division, arrogance and foolishness abound. Our present age is so deeply marred by sin and suffering. Any one headline could bring me to weep or panic. There are incredibly sad and broken and tragic things in our world. We should weep. We should bring our fears to God. We should tell him of our anger. It is right to ask him how long this suffering will seemingly reign in our world. ⁣

But. This is not the full picture. This isn’t all of reality.⁣

Who remains on the throne? Who hold all things together? Who is worthy of our trust? Who demands our praise? Who will put an end to all of our suffering? Who has defeated sin and death? Who is in the process of making all things new?⁣

God. He is always good. Not only is He sovereign over everything in this world. He also knows that life on this side of eternity is utterly broken. He gives us the gift of lament and shows us in his word. He gave us the words we need to see a headline, feel the brokenness of it and bring it to Him. He uses our lament to grow our faith and deepen our trust. Only our God.


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