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Have I changed from the start of 2020 to at the start of 2021? My first thought is no. My home, body and routine don’t show any outstanding change. Yet, here I am at the start of a new year with a fourth child, a completed adoption, having walked through a year of a global pandemic, cultural chaos, loved four kids through tremendous change and supported my husband and our church in unprecedented times. How can I not be changed? ⁣

We don’t always see the fruit from endurance, even though we have endured. We don’t always see growth in patience, even though patience and waiting were forced on us. We don’t always feel flexible even when we’ve been pushed into change. ⁣

Perhaps in perseverance, the mundane moments, the everyday and imperfect faithfulness change does happen. Three-hundred and sixty-five days of imperfectly clinging to Christ through suffering, setbacks, frustration and joy makes us more like Him. ⁣

Endurance, patience, relinquishing control, and practicing Biblical lament and gratitude may not be flashy, but they’re change. ⁣

Maybe one of these years, my routine, habits, body, home or lifestyle will radically change, but even if not, change and growth will keep coming. Day by day, year by year, I will keep changing. Not because of what I will accomplish, but because He isn’t finished with me yet. He will complete His work in me. #rhythmwriting2021


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