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China Update

It's Sunday morning here and we are counting the days until we get home! The trip is starting to feel so long. Yesterday, we visited Shamian Island in Guangzhou. Today, we are heading to the zoo! These little trips are definitely helping to pass the time! It is extremely hot and humid here in southern China! 

Please continue to pray for Kai as he adjusts. He is eating pretty well-- mainly rice and veggies. He is sleeping well, sometimes wakes up crying. He does very well when the three of us are together. When we are around larger groups, he gets very overwhelmed. He is not wanting to be carried in the toddler carrier anymore. He wants to be held all the time. We can get him to walk for a couple minutes at a time. Please pray that he would like the carrier again. It is so much easier for us, especially in this extremely hot and humid weather! Please also continue to pray for Asher and my parents. They are doing well!


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