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China Update

The last 24 hours have been indescribable. We have our precious baby and he is beyond perfect. We did not know that he was with a foster mom for the last 20 months. She was heartbroken to see him go. We all cried and she wept and wept as we left with our sweet boy. Praise God for someone who loved Kai so deeply. We were able to leave our family's photo with her. There have been deep times of grief, but also precious moments of joy. We are so grateful that he wants our touch and comfort. He is attaching to us in this time of deep sadness. He is so attached to his teddy bear, who we have named Xin after his "big brother" at the orphanage. There is so much more to say and express, but for now, thank you for your love and prayers that have carried us to this point. Please keep praying!


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