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Clinging to Truth

She feels inadequate. ⁣

The world tells her she’s more than enough.⁣

The Gospel says she is inadequate but His grace is more than enough. ⁣

She thinks she can earn her keep.⁣

The world says work harder. ⁣

The Gospel says there’s nothing to earn, it’s all free. ⁣

She looks to others for validation. ⁣

The world says find your tribe and surround yourself with people who build you up.⁣

The Gospel says to build others up, reach out to the lowly, find yourself fully in Him.⁣

She feels unseen. ⁣

The world says post more, share more, get more likes. ⁣

The Gospel says there is beauty in the unseen, the One who matters most is utterly near in the unseen moments. ⁣

She feels like a failure. ⁣

The world says, girl, you got this. Failure is part of your road to success.⁣

The Gospel says failure is the way to true freedom. His grace is perfected in weakness. ⁣

She feels like an imposter.⁣

The world says fake it till you make it.⁣

The Gospel says in Him, you will know who you were created to be.⁣

She is tired.⁣

The world says make more time for you.⁣

The Gospel says come to me all who are weary and burdened, I will give you rest.⁣

She shoulders the weight of mothering. ⁣

The world says you are what they need.⁣

The Gospel says they belong to Him, they are ours to steward but in His hands. ⁣

She knows the depth of her sin.⁣

The world says your aren’t that bad. You’re a good person.⁣

The Gospel says you are that bad and the God of the universe sent His son to live perfectly, suffer unjustly and die in your place. His life, death, resurrection and ascension are the payment for every sin. Forgiveness abounds. ⁣

The world says so much, and delivers too little.⁣

The Gospel says it all and delivers on every single truth and promise.

May she grow to trust her feelings less, listen to the world less closely and cling to the Gospel with more tenacity than ever before.⁣



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