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Five whole months have passed since she completed our family. It’s hard to believe. Some days have felt like a literal eternity. Yet it also feels like these months have gone by in an instant. ⁣

We received our updated report from our adoption team yesterday. Yes, we have more labs to draw. We have to add physical and speech therapy. She needs evaluated for orthotics and leg braces. We still have to investigate the seriousness of her brain injury. We have a long road ahead, but two things they highlighted really surprised me. ⁣

“Remind yourselves that Ella is emotionally like a five month old. Our family as we know it is only five months old.”

“Surround yourselves with people who can support you because this is hard.⁣”

In my experience, things like this don’t always show up in physician reports. But here’s our take away. Compassion and realistic expectations for Ella and for us are so important. And community is necessary. This has been an oddly isolating and lonely season for most people. Adopting in the midst of this global insanity has been disorienting and isolating. Yet as I considered this encouragement to be surrounded, I was reminded of the friendship we have in Jesus. Your very closest friendship at its very best moment is just a tiny taste of the friendship that awaits us for all of eternity with Jesus. And we can experience some of that now as we commune with Him.⁣ Pursue compassion. Pursue community. Pursue Jesus.

Whatever you face today, let Jesus’ compassion for you fuel you and motivate you. Wether this is a relationally rich season or a dry one, you have a friend. Don’t forsake pursuing friendship here on earth, but remember, you have an incredible treasure awaiting you that you can taste today. #hopewins #hopestillwins


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