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We’re still waiting to hear the outcome of our court hearing last week. The waiting is so hard. ⁣

But this seems like the perfect time to share some news we have been excited to share. Remember that huge goal of completing the puzzle for Ella? Well, it’s all complete! Thanks to so many of you who have been so incredibly generous to our family.⁣

When we started this process, finances were our greatest concern. We never could have anticipated the difficulties we would face or the incredible generosity of so many and the always on time, faith growing provision of our Savior.⁣

We continue to crawl our way through this process with every ounce of strength until we have our daughter home. Really, that’s when the journey starts! But this is the most precious, life giving reminder of the miracles God is willing and the dry path he has been making and will continue to make through the seas we have and will continue to face. ⁣

Thank you for your generous giving, your love and your prayers. Please keep praying with us for more seas to move!⁣



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