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Dear First Moms

To the first moms of my kids,⁣

I think of you often. I wonder what thoughts, memories and feelings you carry. I wonder if you are okay. I think of how vulnerable your life might be. ⁣

Do you ever pass the spot you saw your baby for the final time? Do you think about your decision? Do you feel any hope or only sadness when you think of them? ⁣

It is unlikely that we will ever meet, but my heart has a deep connection to yours. I want you to know that you are seen. I want you to know that we remember you. We talk about you. We wonder about you. We pray for you. ⁣

I wish you could see your kids. I wish you could know they are thriving. I sometimes wonder if you are as kind and nurturing as Kai. I wonder if Ella gets her joy and contagious laugh from you. Your kids are safe and well.⁣

I cannot imagine the utter despair and heartache and pain that led you to say goodbye. My arms are full because yours are empty. While my heart overflows with the blessing of loving these children, my heart shatters at the thought of your pain. ⁣

You are seen. You are remembered. You are loved. You are honored. You are forever their first mom. May hope touch your soul today. ⁣

And just from me to you, thank you. Thank you for taking your baby to a place they would be found and could be cared for. Thank you for choosing life for these children we share. These flowers were chosen by your babies just for you #hopewins #hopestillwins #adoption #internationaladoption #indiaadoption #chinaadoption #birthmom


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