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Empty Chair

Humbly asking again for prayer. We found out today our case was not heard when it was scheduled two weeks ago. To be honest, it's hard to ask again. We are tired. We are disappointed to be yet again in a slowed down, stuck and out of control part of the process.

As the days turn into weeks and months, our empty arms feel heavier and heavier. Our little girl who is so close to knowing the love and care of a forever family is in a third world orphanage day after day.

Our new court date is tomorrow night. Please set that alarm again and remember to pray for the judge to grant verbal guardianship on September 10th.

We know our God is the very designer of adoption. He cares deeply for the fatherless and the oppressed. This cause matters to Him. We are asking this God who is present with Ella and with us day by day to act. But even if He doesn't. Even if this darkness doesn't lift. Even if she doesn't come home soon or ever, we have unsinkable hope. Our hope that all that is broken in this life will be redeemed. Everything sad in this life will be unsad for all of eternity. This is our hope, we still deeply feel the sadness and weariness of this fight, but we also have unshakeable hope. I just finished this chair before we got the news about another court date without any movement. I won't give up until this chair is no longer empty. #hopestillwins #ellawillcomehome


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