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Expect the Unexpected

One thing for certain in international adoption, nothing is certain. We found out today that we could not take custody of Ella today. We don’t fully understand why, especially as we are her guardians. Some reasons given have to do with staffing and covid. While we are unclear, we do trust that God is purposeful in the timing of this all. It broke our hearts to see and hold her for a little while and give her back. She did not know us and seemed afraid. We were sad at how these precious children are treated. But we know Ella’s new beginning is coming soon. We are now unable to visit her tomorrow, but will take custody on Monday morning. We are doing okay, feeling peace, disappointment, exhaustion and just so ready to begin our new journey together. Please continue to pray for us, for rest and for strength. Pray for Ella, for health and readiness to meet us again on Monday. We are so grateful for your love and prayers!


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