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FB Update

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement last night. We felt them deeply! Kai woke up a lot overnight, but no major changes! Kai still is showing no signs of cerebral spinal fluid build up-- which is what would cause problems if there is a problem with his shunt. The shunt still has a bump, but no swelling that I can tell at this point. We so appreciate your prayers. Sometimes, this feels like something we can handle. Some moments, this feels really scary-- something I don't feel equipped for! It pushes me deeper and deeper into simple realities that I quickly forget. God is sovereign. He loves us. He is using this for our good and for His glory.

Today, the boys and I are headed to CHOP for Kai's speech and language evaluation. Tomorrow, I have to have a broken tooth removed-- feels like unfortunate timing! Wednesday, we will have our first appointment with neurosurgery here at Lehigh Valley. 

Last week was really special celebrating Asher's birthday! He is such a special little boy and an incredible blessing to Kai and all of us. We are so thankful for a few days without doctors appointments last week!

Please continue to pray for strength. Today, I'm feeling exhausted! Please pray for wisdom and clarity for the doctors and understanding for us to comprehend it all! 

We are grateful for you, your encouragement, your prayers and your presence on this journey! 


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