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China Update

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Today, we start our journey home! Yesterday, we had Kai's appointment at the US Consulate. Today, we pick up his visa at 3:30 pm and travel to Hong Kong by car. Our flight to Dallas leaves tomorrow at 2:30 pm (12 hours ahead of our local time). We will arrive in Newark around 11:00 pm Wednesday night. 

Please pray for Kai. He has been grieving a lot more the past few days than his first few days with us. Last night was particularly difficult. He sobbed for an hour and a half. He seems to often wake from his sleep crying. Pray that we would be able to comfort him in the midst of all of this change. 

Please pray also for Kai during travel. He has never been in a car seat and cried when we put the seatbelt on him for the flight to Guangzhou from Jinan. He also seems to have more anxiety when we are traveling. Please also pray that he would be able to sleep while we travel in a way that helps him adjust to the time change and jet lag!

Thanks for your continued love and prayers! We are so grateful to have such community on this journey!


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