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China Update

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

One more day down! Today, we enjoyed a couple hours at the Zoo and a quick stop at a local folk art museum. Kai had a really hard day today. Lots of grieving and unpredictable emotion. When he grieves, his cry is inconsolable. We are so grateful that he allows us to hold him when he cries, but it is so difficult to comfort him. 

Tomorrow morning, we have an appointment at the US Consulate at 8:30 am. If all goes well, we will be granted Kai's visa. Tuesday at 3:30, we will receive the visa and travel to Hong Kong, where we will begin our journey home. 

Please pray for precious Kai. He has only been with us for one week and is doing remarkably. Pray for God to comfort him in his grief and sorrow. He has no words to express it and we don't have words that give meaningful comfort. He is doing really well when he is alone with us. We love getting to know him more every day!


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