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FB Update

Today was tough for little Kai. He sobbed and grieved today more than he has in some time. Please pray for his sweet heart. 

I also noticed a bit of a bump on his head, just below where his shunt begins. He has no symptoms and we are monitoring him closely. Please pray that whatever it is would not be serious and would resolve quickly. Thankfully we are seeing neurosurgeons this week and next. I'm surprised by how anxious I am when things like this arise. I thought I would feel much more confident than I do when this stuff happens. Thankfully, I'm learning and extremely grateful for a very patient and kind sister-in-law who is a physician assistant who I am bothering way more than I hoped I would!

Tonight, I found myself myself rocking him longer and singing our songs over and over... God is so good... Jesus loves me, this I know... Because He lives, I can face tomorrow... Praise God from whom all blessings flow... Mainly because my heart needs to hear them (though hearing this little one utter the words Jesus and God is good is something you just must hear!). Remembering that God chose us to be His parents on earth, but He is ultimately in complete control and loves him more than we could imagine. Please pray for our sweet boy tonight!


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