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FB Update

You all have blessed us so much. Whether through providing a meal, a note of encouragement, a text to check in on me or praying for us, it has been noticed and so deeply appreciated! 

Kai continues to adjust. He is becoming more and more comfortable with us. He is wanting us with him when he is sleeping. Sleep is such a vulnerable time for him and while it can make for some long nights, it is a good thing that he is calling out for us! Building attachment can be really hard some days, but we know in even the days that feel like there's no progress, lots of growth is happening!

We are slowly completing tasks on our medical list. As many of you probably know, each need that he has means multiple steps, phone calls and working together with multiple providers. We finally have his MRI scheduled. It is not until 7/20. Because he needs to be fully under anesthesia, it took additional time to get scheduled and takes some time to get in. He has has also developed some lower GI bleeding. The soonest he can be seen by a pediatric GI specialist is ironically 7/20, but had to be pushed back to 8/1. The great thing amidst our continued uncertainty about the brain mass and the GI issues, is that he is acting totally normal and not complaining of any pain! We have a great team of doctors locally and at CHOP who are available. They have educated us to know what would be an emergency and what to do if something happens before our appointments. 

Trust me, there are times when the anxiety swells. There are times when the list of "what if's" run through my mind. This great truth keeps coming back to me... We have great reasons to be afraid, but even greater reasons not to fear (David Powlison). 

We are so grateful for your continued love and prayers for our growing family!


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