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China Update

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

We were blessed to receive 250 photos of Kai from his time at the orphanage. The photo below was taken of him a couple months after his hospitalizations and brain surgeries. To see how he has grown over the last year and a half is remarkable and we are so grateful. There are still some unknowns with the status of his brain shunt as well as the status of the tumor identified in his medical reports. The good news is that the doctors we saw in China and our pediatrician spoke positively of his adaptability, fine motor skills and ability to walk and run as good signs of his neurological health. 

Today, we will be traveling to CHOP in Philly for a full evaluation. They will help us with his general health, attachment, eating, sleeping and emotional challenges. Please pray that we would connect well with the staff there and understand how we can empower Kai to communicate and attach. Communication has become a tremendous struggle. He will need to get labs drawn, which is obviously traumatic for him!

He will then be getting an X-Ray and MRI to give the doctors a baseline of his neurological health. We will let you know when this is scheduled. This will likely be very traumatic for him. After that, we will see the chief of Neurosurgery at Lehigh Valley Hospital. We are so thankful that through our sister-- who previously worked in his practice, God has made a way for us to see him. We are so blessed by the medical team that is around us!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, especially in some of these long, challenging days!


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