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First Thing

I’m not a morning person. My words are few in the morning and my first words are almost always reserved for my kids. Last night, when I saw the prompt to write about the first thing I said today, I wondered to myself what it might be. Would it be something thought provoking or surprising? Turns out it was very mundane. I ran into Kai in the hallway, to simply say, “good morning bud, how did you sleep?” Next, I saw Charlie and asked him if he needed help getting clothes out. Then I rounded the corner and reminded Asher that it’s time to get up. How is that for mundane? Nothing exciting, nothing worth writing about. Or so I thought. ⁣

But maybe the stuff that’s not mundane, not worth writing about or exciting really is most important. My kids may not remember the things I said that felt really memorable. They have probably already forgotten some of those things I have felt were so important. My kids won’t always remember what I say, but I do believe they will remember how I made them feel. The consistent good mornings, quick prayers on the way to school, listening to long stories about confusing recess drama, frequent hugs, persistent questions (even when their answers are minimal), smiles (even in the face of frustration) and always saying I love you matter. They matter so much. I don’t do it perfectly. I look at others doing important things or big, visible ministries or jobs and sometimes I think it would be so nice to make a difference in those ways. But just as important, exciting, visible things are the mundane, every-day, unseen things. Don’t give up. Embrace the mundane things, show love, pursue consistency, give hugs, say I love you. It matters.⁣

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 #exhalecreativity #exhalenoticewriting #daynine #firstthingisaid


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