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God is not Failing Us

Would you all please pray? We have been waiting for a month for our written court orders. We need these for her to get her birth certificate and passport and for us to apply for our visas. Please pray that this week would be the week. We are pleading for the Lord to move mountains. We hoped she would be home by her birthday, then by Paul's birthday, now we're hoping for Thanksgiving to be united as a family. It is hard to put words to the sorrow we feel as these dates come and go. Particularly with the uncertainty of international travel and COVID, we are so anxious to get her home.

God is faithful. God is near to her. God is not late. God is not failing us. God loves her more than we ever could. We are weary and our hearts ache. Our daughter does not have the earthly care and love she needs. We have an empty crib at our home while she shares a crib with multiple little ones. The world is broken. But there is hope. God is not restrained by COVID, fatherlessness, poverty, government or need. God chooses to work through the prayers of His people. Please pray with us, for these mountains to move. For these final steps to be quickly completed. For Paul and I to be able to both travel to bring her home-- in weeks, not in months.

The hour is dark and it's hard to see what You are doing here in the ruins and where this will lead. Oh, but I know that down through the years, I'll look on this moment and see Your hand on it and know You were here. And I'll testify of the battles You've won. How You were my portion when there wasn't enough. And I'll testify of the seas that we've crossed the waters You parted, the waves that I've walked. Maverick City Music


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