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God Sees

This process has been so hard. COVID had complicated almost all of the services Ella needs. Attachment has been painfully slow. There has been disagreements about when certain tests have been done and how to prioritize her needs. It’s been a long and really hard road. I go through the motions, but my day to day joy and hope have been hard to come by. Every week I’m scheduling more and more appointments and trying to piece together what she needs and figuring out how to do it all. Speech and communication remain our biggest challenge and concern.⁣

Today I was on the phone with the places where Ella is on a wait list for therapy. I finally spoke to someone who was so kind (side note—let’s all be more kind ). I explained her situation and she told me while she had made lots of progress up the wait list, it would still be months before she could have speech. As we talked, I explained her needs as well as the other therapies she has in place with them and the specific therapist she had for early intervention. She placed me on hold and came back with an early October speech eval for Ella. Her previous therapist is part of their group and they give priority to kids seen by their own staff. Somehow that just had never been caught. I started to cry after she told me that (not my proudest moment, but what can you do! ).

What an answer to prayer, a boost of hope for these present circumstances and a reminder that God is near and sees and cares even in these really hard and hidden seasons. #hopestillwins


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