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Half Birthday

We missed over two years. The majority of her beautiful firsts have gone unseen. Her first two years of life neither of us will ever be able to behold. No one knows her birth story, birth date or all of the breathtaking loss she would experience in the weeks or days to come. We were shocked by the some of the details we learned about the loss she walked through. And yet she was never alone. She wasn't really unseen. She wasn't really alone. God was with her in every moment, near to her in every moment, keeping her in every moment. And now that she's with us, there isn't a moment we won't celebrate, a first or a milestone we won't cherish, a day we won't thank God for His goodness. She is a cherished daughter. She turns 2.5 today and we are celebrating her. She is a treasured gift, she hasn't always been ours and as with all of our children, she will one day be grown and not ours in the same way. But she has always been His. Happy 6 month birthday sweet girl.


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