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Hard Miracles

Thank you all so much for your continual love and prayers! This is a huge adjustment for everyone. Nothing unexpected. We knew how hard it would be and yet we are just so thankful to be adjusting rather than just anticipating the adjustment!

It’s a big change for the kids, especially Charlie. Sweet girl has learned a lot of behaviors that helped her survive in the setting she was in. It’s so much for the boys to understand where she came from and what she needs to feel safe. She cries so much and just the noise can be overwhelming. But I see their compassion for her and it is a beautiful thing.

Teaching her what it’s like to be in a family takes time. Sometimes she feels the security, often she doesn’t. Sometimes the boys love this new addition, sometimes it’s just overwhelming. Sometimes it all just feels right, sometimes we just do what we need to do, hoping the feelings follow. It makes sense that Ella would not understand or feel safe quite yet. This takes months and years.

The greatest gift someone gave me with Kai was to tell me, it’s okay if you don’t feel attached yet. Just do the next right thing and it will come. Somehow I went from feeling like I was parenting a stranger who turned our world upside down to not being able to imagine life without him or remember life before him. It will happen again, it will change our boys forever, it will change us and hopefully make much of Jesus and His incredible love for us.

There are miracles taking place in our home right now. They take time and lots of grace and prayer and processing emotions and laughter and hopefully some day soon some sleep! We appreciate your love and prayers and encouragement more than we can say.


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