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Her Eyes

Her eyes have always captivated me. Those big brown eyes reflect incredible light. The expression she portrays in a look has amazed me from the beginning. Today, we sat in the waiting room of a new neurologist. I wondered if this doctor would take my concerns seriously, if my heartaches would be dismissed, if her needs would be seen. She hopped around the waiting room and then sat down quietly, her attention captivated. ⁣

I caught her gazing out the window. The light outside was dim, darkened by thick, dark clouds, rain rolling down the windows. But as I glanced at her eyes, the dim light reflected beautifully in those big eyes. The dim light somehow seemed brighter, reflected in her eyes. ⁣

I quickly recalled the first moments she was with us. Those same eyes were dim. No light, no brightness, no life. I think of what these beautiful eyes have seen and my heart shatters. These very eyes saw a beautiful mother, a precious twin sister. These eyes saw the large, empty sky that replaced the arms of the one who gave her life when she waited for someone to find her. Her eyes saw caregivers come and go, stared at walls and ceilings more than any child should. These eyes saw horrors and sorrows that my heart can barely fathom. These eyes saw white, unfamiliar looking strangers whisk her away in a moment. Her eyes have every reason to be dim, broken and faded. And yet those very same eyes reflect light and beauty on the darkest of days. ⁣

Her eyes have encountered heartache, yet somehow reflect joy. Whatever her eyes behold in this next season, light will keep shining, of this I am sure. That’s what her eyes do. And maybe they do so beautifully because I need the reminder that the light of joy and hope can reflect even on dark and cloudy days, even through suffering and pain. These eyes remind me of the compassionate eyes of our suffering savior, beholding the depth of sin and suffering of this world, yet reflecting true Hope and compassionate kindness as He sets His gaze upon us. Look to Him and see the radiant light reflected in His eyes.


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