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  • Laura

His Love Runs Deeper

Today, she just seemed sad and distant. I remember the days when Kai would just stare into the distance. He couldn’t look us in the eye. That was today. It’s hard not knowing what’s in her heart, wanting so badly for her to know love and safety. Wanting her to feel peace and care. Feeling deep heartache for her pain and frustration with my own impatience and selfishness at times. This process is deeply sanctifying. I’m so thankful that God’s love for me runs deeper than my love for her and that His love for her transcends mine.

After a couple hours wearing her in the Tula, she had a much better evening. These kids who have lived through such tremendous trauma, even in such young years have to experience attachment to build it. They need to feel the nurture and touch and closeness that they missed in infancy. Building connection for her is our main focus right now. It takes a lot of time and intentional work but we already see glimmers of hope. Thank you for praying for God to sustain us, empty us of ourselves and be all that we need to be for all four of our precious children.


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