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Home Study?

Our home study is just about done. It’s in the final stage of approval. The India program coordinator is reviewing everything to ensure things are written in a way that will be approved by India’s Government. If you don’t know what a home study is, you’re not alone! It is a written report all about our lives and family. They go to great measures to ensure that our family is able to navigate an adoption.

Here’s what we have been busy with since the start of November (We have been told we are working at lightning speed!):

  • 3-4 home visits with a social worker

  • 1 home inspection

  • 4 individual interviews

  • 2 psychological evaluations

  • 34 individual essay questions

  • 1 family interview

  • 1 marriage interview

  • Hours of education

  • Countless questions about every aspect of our lives

  • 85 collected or created documents

The approved home study is a major step. It will enable us to begin the grant and fundraising process. It gets us ready for the next step of documentation gathering (Which is actually almost completely done. I have difficulty stopping until projects are complete!) that will enable for us to registered with India’s government to begin to wait for our match.

  • Pray for our home study approval to come quickly.

  • Please continue to pray for our child, who is likely already in the care of an orphanage. He or she will have health needs, please pray as right now is likely an important time in caring for them medically and emotionally!

  • Please pray for financial provision for this adoption.

  • Please pray that God would continue to prepare our family for this little one and continue to build up community around us to journey alongside us.

Look for a post tomorrow on what God has been doing in our hearts in the midst of all of this!


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