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Home Study. Complete!

After almost 4 months, we received our approved home study! We are so grateful to have this big, important part of the journey behind us! We are one step closer to the son or daughter God has called us to.  God has taught us a lot over these past months. God grew us in our areas of weakness as we have opened our hearts and lives for someone to decipher if we are ready for this adoption journey. We are more aware of our need for Christ, and know more fully God's heart for us, His adopted children, and his heart for our adopted son or daughter.

Our next big steps are working on immigration paperwork and the Dossier for China, applying for grants,  and fundraising. 

Please pray with us: 

1. Please pray that our paperwork would be completed clearly and quickly and be received by the right people who would be able to process it quickly. 

2. Please pray that as we apply for 25 grants that people would look at our applications with favor and see our need. Please pray that God would be glorified through our adoption journey. 

3. Please pray that God would give us great wisdom in fundraising. Pray that God would move in the hearts of His people to partner with us in His mission to bring this child home. Pray that the Gospel would be extremely clear in everything that we say and do regarding this adoption. Pray that people would see the Gospel in Adoption and that His people would be part of His mission of adoption.

4. Please pray for our family. These past months have been challenging, and the coming months will be too. Pray that we would be prepared for our child. Pray for strong, authentic community. Pray that we would cling to Christ in the days when we feel the excitement of adoption, and when we feel the loss and heartache of adoption. Pray that Christ would be known in all of this. 

5. Please pray for our son or daughter. Pray for protection in the orphanage. Pray that they might know the peace and joy of Jesus and that the days would go quickly until we can be together. Pray that God would prepare this child for us.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your prayers, words of encouragement and reminders of God's sovereignty and goodness have made all the difference. Whether they have come on the days when God's plan and purpose have seemed clear or the days when to take another step down this path takes all the strength and tears we have, your support gives us great strength.   


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