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How to Carry it

We have no idea how our case is moving through courts or if it’s registered at all. We don’t know when travel will open and if we’ll be ready to travel if things open up for a time. It’s easy to feel misunderstood. It’s easy to feel lost and discouraged. ⁣⁣It’s hard. Every day is hard.


Yet in the very same moments there are thousands of things to thank God for. Undeserved treasures. Incredible joys.⁣ Indescribable beauty.⁣ Every day is sweet.


Our joy does not deny the pain. Our suffering doesn’t eclipse the beauty. The art and discipline of praise. The art and discipline of lament. These things I am growing to embrace more fully. These things I am growing to see aren’t mutually exclusive, but actually grow in beauty in light of the other.⁣⁣


It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it. CS Lewis⁣


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