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We keep learning more about this girl day by day. She’s equal parts sugar and spice. Her determination amazes (and sometimes overwhelms) me. She loves her babies, is obsessed with Peppa pig and chooses all things sparkly. She feels deeply and displays incredible compassion for others— most often without words. When she is happy, she gives the sweetest hugs and when she is grumpy, an impressive pout.⁣

New observations are beginning to emerge from some of her therapists that may give us insight into some of her deficits and challenges. We are going to get a second opinion from a new neurologist and advocate for the best supports we can surround her with. Would you pray for wisdom and clarity and timing to coordinate these supports? ⁣

I don’t know if these new insights are reason for hope or frustration, maybe both. I do know that God is equipping and providing for us and for her moment by moment. Our hope can’t be in her success or outcomes. Although it is easy to fall into that at times. Our hope isn’t in the idea that God won’t give us more than we can handle in this life. In fact, we often face more than we can handle.It’s the “more than we can handle” that does in us exactly what we need. It pushes us closer to the heart of Jesus, where He meets us and gives us all that we need, Himself. And it is in our weakness that God’s power is shown to be perfect, lacking nothing, all that we need. #hopestillwins


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