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Love Better

We recently noticed a little boy continually asking Kai if he was related to another boy. Kai would point out who his parents were, but the little boy insisted that we were not his mom and dad. He kept saying he had to have the same dad as the only other Asian American boy in their class. We processed with Kai how that made him feel and how he could respond. He then told us that more than one child has been unkind to him. Children have said they don’t like him or like China because China is trying to take over America. Kai is seven. Seven. This is not okay. Parents, your kids hear you. Your kids repeat what they hear you say. They absorb your words, your tone, your spirit. Do better. Preach and model kindness. Treasure the Gospel above your politics. Value loving your neighbor and the great commission above current events. I know this will not be our last encounter with these things but I somehow thought he could make it to second grade without facing and processing this. ⁣

Jesus loves and values all people, all races, all ethnicities, all ages, all abilities. He loves people from every neighborhood. He welcomes people from the deepest poverty to the highest wealth. He pursues orphans and kings. Teach your children about this kind of Jesus. Teach them to welcome and love those who look different or have different abilities or come from different families. That’s the love we should be known for. Let’s love better. Love better for Kai. #hopewins #hopestillwins


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