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Matching Grant

God is providing in every way throughout this process. Wouldn't it have been great for God to provide abundantly at the beginning of this journey-- before we really knew our need?

I find myself often empathizing with the Israelites. When they were in the wilderness, God provided for them. He gave them just enough manna for each day. It was not God's intention that they gather more than what they needed every day. In fact, when they tried to collect extra, it bred worms!  

Yes, it would have been a testimony of God's miraculous goodness if He provided a check for $40,000 before we started or if he met every one of our emotional and spiritual needs before we felt them. Certainly, He works like that at times. But, I see His grace and goodness at work in allowing us to feel our own need. Being in need allows us to see a greater sense of His Faithfulness! My faith and relationship with Christ has grown more in seeing Him meet our needs moment by moment. 

My heart is just like the Israelites at times. I want to get more at once, I want to create a little stockpile of comfort and safety to make sure I'll be okay. Can you relate? But God is calling us to trust Him moment by moment for every physical, financial, relational, spiritual and emotional need. He will meet every one of our needs-- just not always in the ways we expect. May we always remember, no matter what need we face that our absolute greatest need has already been addressed through Christ. We are hopeless without the Gospel. Our greatest need is that we are sinners-- separated from Christ without any hope or future. When God sent Jesus to live perfectly and die in our place, he met our greatest need. Now through faith in Christ, we have an abundant future and incredible reasons to hope no matter the depth of our need. 

God has been meeting our emotional, spiritual and financial needs through our local community and friends and family all around the world. We have also been so encouraged by some of the grant organizations we have been able to partner with. God is connecting us with organizations with a mission and vision to further the Gospel and the love of Christ through care for orphans. The prayer and emotional support we have encountered through many amazing individuals in these organizations have tremendously blessed us. We hope to have lifelong relationships with some of these!

God has blessed us again with an opportunity for a matching grant! We are thrilled that God provided the $5,000 needed to receive the full $5,000 matching grant through Lifesong for Orphans. We now have an opportunity to raise $5,000 to receive a $5,000 matching grant through Brittany's Hope. We need to raise the full $5,000 to receive the matching grant. We are certain that God will provide all that we need! If you feel led to donate to this matching grant, you can click the link at the top of the page. All donations are tax deductible!

Please continue to pray with us for God's provision and thank God for His provision for us and the ways that He is strengthening our faith through our neediness!


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