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Miracle Upon Miracle

The fact that we are leaving for India tomorrow is an incredible miracle! God has shown His faithfulness to our family in incredible ways. While we know this journey is just beginning, we recall these acts of our Father with Hope and assurance that He will continue to carry us.

We are walking into some unknown as we leave tomorrow. We still do not have Ella's passport. We have worked with our agency to formulate a plan that we felt was best for our family, with COVID increasing all around. Please continue to pray. Pray that God would move the remaining mountains ahead of us in India. Pray for protection from COVID. We have been told we are frontiers in this new experience of pandemic adoption. We have no desire to be frontiers, but we do so deeply desire to bring our daughter home.

As we still wait for her passport, we have one way tickets to India. This is a step of faith and trust God to complete this work!

Please pray with us:

Pray for our protection from COVID

Pray for safe travel. We leave 11/19.

Pray for safe uniting with Ella. We receive her as our daughter on 11/21. We will have had very little sleep, pray that we can quickly adjust and care well for her.

Pray for attachment to blossom quickly and strongly among us.

Pray for Ella's passport to be obtained quickly and that we would not be gone for more than 2 weeks.

Pray for our boys and my parents as they stay together. Pray for their strength and comfort!

Thank you so much for your continual love and prayers!


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